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24/7/365 Emergency Service

Commercial Services Roadside Assistance

Trouble doesn't wait to start on your time. When a flat tire or mechanical failure puts one or more of your commercial vehicles down, call Southern Tire Mart. Day or night, 365 days a year, we provide prompt roadside assistance to get you back on track. Call (877) STM-TIRE [(877) 786-8473] to get connected with one of our roadside assistance providers.

Your fleet has stops to make and a reputation to keep. Make us your first plan when you need a battery boost, replacement tire, or other on-site service. If this is a roadside emergency, call 877-STM-TIRE now.

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Retread Plant

Commercial Services Retread Plant

Everyone knows that tires are every fleets biggest expense.  Save money and provide your drivers with a safe and reliable ride when you see us for retreading. We have 15 tire retread plants across our footprint to provide our customers with the best in retread tires and repairs.

Keep your tires on the road with quality retreads from Southern Tire Mart.  Contact the nearest STM branch for more information. Retreading, also known as recapping, is a cost effective and trusted way to do your business a favor. See what we can save you today.

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Powder Coat Rim & Wheel Refurbishing

Commercial Services Powder Coat Rim & Wheel Refurbishing

Protect your commercial wheels and keep them looking good with our powder coating and refurbishing services.

Powder coating is one of the best ways to protect your wheels and keep their color vibrant. During the process, a special, dry powder is cured under heat and bound to your wheel as a protective skin.

For wheels that have small scratches or rust, refurbishing is the perfect solution. Take control of what the steel wheels on your fleet are saying about your business. Have us remove tar, dirt, salt, and nicks to restore your wheels to like-new condition.

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Tire & Wheel Balancing

Commercial Services Tire & Wheel Balancing

Ideally, a tire and wheel should complement one-another and maintain an equal distribution of weight throughout the assembly. Uneven weight distribution within an assembly, no matter how small, can cause vibration and wobbling. In turn, this puts uneven pressure on the tread and results in uneven tire wear. Our commercial tire and wheel balancing service will bring your truck’s wheels back to factory specifications.

At Southern Tire, we offer electronic, dynamic balancing. We also have EQUAL dry polymer that corrects weight imbalances while your truck tires roll.

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Mounted Wheel Programs

Commercial Services Mounted Wheel Programs

At Southern Tire Mart we don't think you should have to juggle the tire management business while managing your fleet. Our goal is to make it so you never have to worry about your commercial tires again. We achieve this through our Mounted Wheel Program. Members get new tires or retreads delivered on demand. The tires are properly inflated and mounted on reconditioned wheels. They are available for immediate installation when you need them.

We're always looking for ways to lower your tire operating costs. With our mounting program, we'll gladly put you “out of the tire business” so you can get back to what you do best - run your fleet. Eliminate the hassle that comes with managing commercial tires today. Remember: we store your tire and wheels in a safe environment, then deliver them mounted and inflated at the correct PSI on refinished wheels.

Speak with a representative at your nearest participating location to find out how we can save you time and hassle, helping you operate your fleet more safely and efficiently.

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Truck Alignment

Commercial Services Truck Alignment

Are you scheduling routine wheel alignments for your commercial trucks? In the transportation industry, the two highest operating expenses are fuel and tires, and while fuel consumption can be difficult to control, scheduling routine commercial truck alignments can positively impact your savings as a business.

Alignments are designed to return wheels to a straighter roll position on the road for less roll resistance on the road. Less roll resistance means less friction, and ultimately, better fuel economy, tire life, component wear, and decreased driver fatigue.

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Fleet Inspections

Commercial Services Powder Coat Rim & Wheel Refurbishing

Stay legal and safe on the road with Southern Tire Mart. Contact us for regular fleet inspections. We'll arrive on-site and make sure your commercial vehicles check out. Manage your fleet better, project tire life, and save money by staying proactive.

Our goal is to keep your fleet at its best, so you can maximize business performance. Our professionals will check tire inflation levels for correct air pressure, check tread depths, check for alignment problems, mis-matched duals, and missing valve caps. We employ TIA-certified technicians who can address your inspection needs and provide useful information on the state of your parts to help you budget for the future.

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